Because there are countries that can provide fossil fuels to meet global energy demands, developments in alternative sources of energy have stalled. Cash crops are agricultural products cultivated in specific areas due to their high profitability. Focusing on these crops often leads to loss of soil quality due to depletion of soil nutrients, deforestation and soil erosion, increase in landscape fragmentation, and loss of natural habitats. The impact of globalisation in India has evidently influenced in family structure. Globalisation has significantly affected the social and cultural life of the country.

globalization positive and negative effects

From point of view it has brought more positive effects to developing countries through increasing access to higher learning institutions. Today you can move in the search of the best educational facilities in the world including developing countries without any hindrance. One of the most visible positive effects of globalization is the improved quality of products due to globe competition.

Frequently Asked Questions about Effects of Globalisation

Although the fight against poverty is not over, there is a great improvement. People are able to more easily move around the world due to advancements in technology and thereby utilise their skills in other countries. There has also been the sharing of technology between nations with helps with advancements, particularly in the developing world.

India is the 2nd most populated country in the world, is the home to many skilled and unskilled workers. Whether it is labour or employees, there are many people across the country looking for a job. Enlargement of multinational corporates which is MNCs have increased the scope of local and foreign interaction.

Due to increased interaction through globalization among the different countries, the ideas and innovations of one tends to influence the other. This results in everything getting mixed up, making the individual countries lose their own specific culture and tradition. To understand globalization, take an example of a shirt you own in your wardrobe. Often, we come across the tag that says ‘Made in China’ or ‘Made in Indonesia’. This means that maybe the silk was prepared in china, assembled in China or Thailand and shipped across the oceans before it reaches your local store. A number of these companies have specific sustainability projects and programs.


The other right that is violated is that off freedom of worship. There are countries in which immigrants are forced to conform to the religious believers of the state they are working with. Due to the environmental degradation, the right to a not being endangered by the state is violated since the pollution is a product of the pursuit of globalization. There have been many conflicts between people supporting the positivity of globalization, as well as the negativity of it. Following are explained some of the positive and negative effects of globalization. Remember that the process of global integration includes the process of building and strengthening international relations.

Indian education is known for its knowledge-based culture, but due to globalisation, it is turning into a knowledge-based economy. Indian farmers are facing adverse effects of globalisation as they have to depend on MNCs even for seeds and pesticides. Education is the basic necessity of everyone, and no one should be deprived of it. There is no doubt that after the establishment of globalisation in India, people have improved their lifestyle and living.

There are some negative impression of globalization corresponding to this course of made disparity between rural and concrete Indian joblessness, progress of slum capitals and risk of terrorist activities. Globalization increased competitors in the Indian market between the international firms and domestic companies. With the international goods being better than the Indian goods, the buyer most well-liked to purchase the international goods. One of the positive benefits of economic globalization is that it provides countries and even specific communities with a comparative advantage by enabling them to focus and specialize on their economic strengths.

Though the globalization has improved our economy and our standards, it also creates both positive and negative impacts on our society. Let us have an insight on the impacts it actually creates on us. Are you worried about your assignment on the positive and negative effects of globalization on culture?

In deed most developed countries experienced reduction in poverty in the proportion of their living below the poverty line, including fast developing countries like China, India, Vietnam. While other countries like Sub-Saharan Africa registered an opposite trend (Lee E., 2006). Developed nations have outsourced manufacturing and white collar jobs. This is because the manufacturing work is outsourced to countries where the costs of manufacturing goods and wages are lower than in their countries. They have outsourced to developing countries like China and India. Most people like accountants, programmers, editors and scientists have lost jobs due to outsourcing to cheaper locations like India.

Hyperconsumerism Resulting to Increased Exploitation of Natural Resources

This makes the cost of production of crops high, and even the government is not supporting farmers. The rules and laws imposed by the World Trade Centre have made it difficult for governments to help the agricultural sector. More number of people globalization positive and negative effects are educating themselves to get a better life. With the expansion of Special Economic Zones popularly known as SEZ, the rise in job employment can be seen evidently. A lot of people have had to evacuate their homes due to false alarms.

Thus, businesses located in developing countries have more access to capital flows, technology, human capital, cheaper imports, and larger export markets. This has been done through the usage of free commerce agreements, which permit trade to occur with no restrictions, making it easier and cheaper for countries to take part in worldwide commerce. To summarize, the process of globalization has changed the industrial pattern social life of worldwide people and it has immense impression on Indian commerce system. The globalization of the financial, social and cultural buildings happened in all ages.

globalization positive and negative effects

Globalization has enriched the world culturally, scientifically, as well as economically. Technology is the main drive behind globalization, with enhanced technology leading to rapid increase in globalization over the last century. Additionally, as with competition, immigration can benefit the country as a whole while imposing costs on people who may want their government to restrict immigration to protect them from those costs. These sentiments are often tied to and motivated—at least in part—by racism and xenophobia.

One of the most significant effect it has brought to developing countries is Trade. Before people used to exchange goods for goods or services for services but now people can trade goods for money. This is mostly through International trade whereby people exports and imports goods within countries. Globalization has led to reduction of costs in trade within the globe. Before we discuss thepositive and negative effects of globalization on developed and developing countries, it’s crucial to identify the main drive behind globalization. Technology plays a leading role in the rapid boost of globalization over the last few decades.

What is globalization? What are the positives and negatives of Globalization?

In addition, the increase in the number of ships at sea has increased the number of oil spills, which degrade marine habitats. It transcends international boundaries and has increased the interdependence of nations, which has created what has been termed a “global village”. Globalisation refers to the process of increasing economic, political and cultural integration on a global scale. Because of globalization, you should purchase cheaper goods, communicate with people from everywhere in the world, and work in just about any nation.

With the arrival of globalization, more job opportunities have been created. People have also gained opportunities to get trained and become skilled professionals. Although the effect cannot be seen directly, globalization has contributed greatly in enhancing the world security. For example, it is extremely difficult to see two countries attacking each other if the economy of one of the countries depends largely on the economy of the other country. Human rights have been improved as a result of globalization since media coverage on violations of the rights receives attention from all over the world.

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