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Seasonless An evergreen design.



“Season-neutral essentials that can be worn year-round — and have a long shelf life will be the mantra in the post-pandemic retail world. Fashion observers also opine that the transition to more pared-down, trend-less pieces will ultimately give way to exuberance and excess — just as wartime fabric rationing paved the way for Dior’s New Look in 1947, and the 2008 financial crisis which ushered in Alessandro Michele’s Gucci debut in 2015”.Mishra, 2020,


Sunil Sethi, Chairman, FDCI mention that after post-pandemic, the fashion industry is required to take a move-in plan from “steady change” to the “seasonless structure”, Classic, utilitarian, and value for money but not necessarily a timeless one, the timeless design is progressively compelling and followed in the west however India is as yet not profound of it as after this lockdown gets over when things will begin getting new normal, individuals will look for a style which stands them out which express their feelings their personality which is one of a kind. We are not an innovator but rather a devotee of the west in courses of fashion nor most of us will fall into any retribution purchasing like occurred in china where Hermès and Chanel did amazing deals.


Fashion designer Dhruv Kapoor moved his collection focus from absolute basics to statement pieces which would have season less no doubt and flexibility that each piece can guarantee various uses and serve the purpose of repetition.


Designer Shruti Sancheti emphasizes after the relaxation of lockdown a classic piece that can be worn in many events and able to serve the purpose of transition to wear in day and night and allow people to cheer themselves will work. Designers are limiting runway walk will curtail multiple seasonal demonstrations and stand more focused on seasonless design.




According to Mallevays, this antiquated approach to selling is poised to change: “It is likely that brands will seek to reduce seasonality favor or of a core, repeatable range whilst focusing on their territory and point of difference. Range widths may be cut down.” (Magnusdottir, 2020) the fashion needs to “skip a season” big players need to rethink their demonstration cycle on runways and create an opportunity to sell products in-season, instead of promoting it way earlier which is nowhere sustainable nor from investment stand-point, it could be taken in use to strengthening the system instead.