Don’t make the mistake of assigning easy tasks to offshore developers and not giving them the full product vision. Paint them a holistic picture of the product vision, so they could make smart development choices as they progress with the assigned work. Poor communication is a critical challenge companies face when working with an ODC. This is due to various factors, including time zone differences and a lack of effective communication channels.

software development offshore

The model enables you to achieve solid technological potential at low operating costs. ODC is usually located in countries with lower living expenses than the headquarters, which helps businesses save a lot of money on recruitment, maintenance, infrastructure, and more. Business owners have to allocate time and money on building the product, instead of focusing on the core business. Offshore development draws focus back to mission-critical tasks by letting offshore developers handle non-core functions.

How to Choose Software Development Partner (A Complete Guide)

Let’s discover what makes it a cost-effective strategy in building robust software products. It’s easier for us to work around client’s preferences since our team of offshore developers has rich experience in different team management tools. Therefore, we prioritize a customer-oriented approach, placing customer convenience and transparency at the heart of all processes. A well-established partnership with an offshore software development team is half the battle and bodes well for fruitful collaboration. Startups and small businesses can gain from their expertise and skills without breaking the bank too. We have been working for over 10 years and they have become our long-term technology partner.

Wintershall Dea picks software for tracking drilling and well projects – Offshore Energy

Wintershall Dea picks software for tracking drilling and well projects.

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Finally, the flexibility of offshore website development allows companies to hire offshore development teams for their specific needs. Maintaining a staff of in-house developers is not always cost-effective because their work is task-based, which provides for significant periods of downtime. This way, the outsourcing model depends largely on the location of you and the company you partner with. If you’re from the US and you outsource, for instance, to Estonia — you apply for offshore software development services because the hour zone may differ. Offshore Software Development enables businesses to outsource their software development needs to third parties located at an offshore location.

Ready to scale your tech team in Bangalore?

To overcome this, developing a suitable communication strategy is essential and ensuring that all team members connect regularly. The tricky part with offshoring your software development is the hidden cost. Yes, the labor rates from other countries may look tempting on the surface. Hence, always insist that your offshore development partner craft a well-designed plan before team members work on the project. In today’s job environment, years of experience are making a difference in compensation. Naturally, senior developers price their services significantly higher than fresheners, because of their hold on related technology and soft skills.

Offshore software development is the best choice in the age of technological advancements. Software development offshore serves as a very useful tool to juggle limited resources but it is not necessary that it will provide a solution to all of your IT related needs. So, you have to hire a developer on a monthly basis and provide all the employee benefits regardless of the productive work he/she will be doing. When you choose software outsourcing, it is important that they are capable of working on a project without maximum supervision. Project supervision, UX design, profound testing, and deploying the right experts, is all that takes to make the project successful.

In order to improve organizational value, efficiency, and profitability, the team of dedicated application development technicians develops premier and tailored apps for companies. Décor is developing enormously, such as Artificial Intelligence, Natural Languages processing, and many more, which are changing as the industries operate. The developers hired through the offshore development approach possess multiple resources that help improve their development skills and ability to create disruptive software. Well, Offshore Software Development is viewed as one of the most effective approaches to enhance the standard of quality of a project whilst ensuring consistency throughout everything. To understand the trend of offshore software development a little better we have devised a comprehensive guide about the same.

Nowadays startups are really fashionable and promising option to start a business from scratch without a solid base capital. Especially often, startups arise in the field of information technology, that is also not surprising. By hiring offshore professionals, project managers can scale up and down according to current needs. If a stage of the process should require a heavier workload, then the manager can hire more developers. Fayrix helps tech companies to build a remote dedicated team of developers or to expand an existing one. Using a network of over 30k verified contractors from CIS countries we are ready to complete the task in 1 week.

Offshore software development generally takes place in places where the development expenses and maintenance of the office are much smaller than in the home nation of the company. Being on the market, being closer to clients and understanding their requirements is critical to the achievement of the company. Large businesses, therefore, often attempt to be physically present in the target market, which greatly decreases logistics expenses. In addition, it is also an excellent way to boost the sales volume by opening an Offshore Software Development in a nation with a big population. Commercial / Trading The Team Lead Quantitative Methods will lead the Quantitative Methods team in Global Modelling & Methods in the RWE Renewables Commercial Analysis Department.

Business-Friendly Hiring Models

For any solutions dealing with payment systems, PCI-DSS compliance is mandatory. You may already have a bunch of outstanding programmers creating your product. However, to launch this product without bugs you need an experienced team of testers. Offshore software development companies may offer you both QA Manual and QA Automation experts who will be able to test your software remotely in the most efficient way. Recently, we had a case study, on the SPD Group blog, where we discussed in detail how our QA experts are able to help Roche to build medical device simulators remotely. From this case study, you can learn that our QAs are not just helping with the code, but are engaged in effectively testing software on real machines remotely.

Usually, when offshore development is considered from Asia, India is the first name that comes to mind however, you will get a good work ethic from Pakistan. Software development covers many areas of development like web development, mobile development, e-commerce development, and custom development. Hire full stack developers, frontend developers, or backend developers for mobile and web development. Startups or medium-sized businesses cannot afford good developers in-house in most cases so they usually outsource the development part. Development charges are way lesser than the ones from North America and Western Europe. Get your hands down to a dedicated team allocated exclusively to your project and works more like an in-house team.

Top countries for offshore software development and the price comparison

The success of the project depends largely on the long- and short-term goals. A project owner should create the right strategies and know when to implement them. Thus, the best professionals are the ones who have been working in the field during these years. This is because their careers have developed hand in hand with the industry. There may be no one in the owner’s country with the required skills to carry out a project.

Faster time to market– an external provider will help you accelerate your delivery speed, all the while maintaining the quality you’re aiming for. The BPO industry and IT services industry in combination are worth a total of US$154 billion in revenue in 2017. IT offshore outsourcing helps you can minimize operational expenses, cut on recruitment costs, and other charges that do not directly impact the development process. The financial services market has seen radical technology-led changes over the past few years. Many leaders look to their IT departments to improve performance and promote game-changing innovation – while somehow reducing costs and, at the same time, continuing to use legacy systems.

software development offshore

Similarly, a wider marketplace will enable businesses to choose from a wider talent pool. Hiring our best offshore developers helps you avoid additional expenses such as vacations, insurance payments, office rent, etc. Instead, you will be routing funds into your business’s most crucial areas and developing your projects. Developers without well-defined objectives may be unsure of what they need to perform and, as a result, may feel constrained and lose productivity. All this leads to increased project risk and lower earnings for your business; the quality of offshore programming services will also suffer. Setting clear, achievable goals for your offshore staff is important to your software project’s success.

When to hire offshore software development Team?

Asana, Trello, or Jira are a few popular tools top-notch teams use to keep tabs on their projects. Through Agile outsourcing, a manager can ensure that the application is oriented at meeting business objectives from the day one of partnership. If a set of practices developers chose for a project is inefficient, sooner or later, it will become apparent through continuous tests. By replacing outdated methods with modern development trends, the Agile team will be able to release a scalable and easy-to-use product. At the end of the day, how can you make sure that your project is high on the vendor’s priority list?

However, the offshore development approach reduces cost and you get a diverse skillset workforce at much lower rates. If you are considering hiring an ODC team, TECHVIFY is the ideal solution that helps you to achieve full offshore software development benefits. We are a cutting-edge software outsourcing brand in Vietnam, a developing country with consistent economic growth in recent years.


Process Update – updating old system processes for effective business operations. Go for emerging markets or the cities where you will find the most skilled resources at low rates. On-demand access – world-class expertise and experience available on-demand, here at CodeNinja, you get instant hires. Developers cloud team are paid on the number of hours/time they spend working on the project since the scope of the project is either evolving or complex. Resources can be increased or decreased based on the project requirements. Get free resources to help create great software and manage high-performing teams.

You can choose the level of competence, the number of developers, and the duration of the partnership with offshore outsourcing software development. You may hire more developers with an offshore development company without increasing your overhead or spending more on hiring. This enables you to maintain low costs while investing in other areas of your business that may accelerate your business growth. Apart from programmers and testers, offshore software development centers typically have professionals in all management and technical aspects to lessen the strain in the main office. This can be used for various roles, from simple coding to creating unique software, web and mobile applications, and software support and maintenance.

Software development may improve consumer experiences, accelerate the availability of new, feature-rich products on the market, and boost businesses’ productivity, efficiency, and security. Offshore software development occurs when a company appoints a committed staff and establishes a new office in another country. They are permanent employees, just like a company’s local employees; the only distinction is that they are located elsewhere. Every project needs a unique technological stack and developers with various specialized skills. To get a sense of how multiple service models and technologies can fit into your project, check them out.

Time and material model

Your points of interest may include intellectual property rights, data security, payment terms, and others. If you are facing decreased quality and are working with legacy software, it’s high time to bring new expertise to the table. Companies typically outsource tasks in which they need more knowledge and experience.

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