Progressive Tax Definition TaxEDU

Content How Progressive Is the U.S. Tax System? Second Economics – New Short Form Videos on Taxes Fiscal Policy – Progressive, Proportional and Regressive Taxes Examples of progressive tax Progressive and Regressive Taxes What is a regressive tax? As governments consider the role of taxation to respond to this environment, we outline in this blog three reasons why […]

Cost Allocation Overview, Types of Costs, Mechanism

Content Example of cost allocation Disadvantages of Allocations Recommended Content for You For your business to make money, you must charge prices that not only cover your expenses, but also provide a profit. Cost allocation is the process of identifying and assigning costs to the cost objects in your business, such as products, a project, […]

Accounting Transactions Overview, Types, Double-Entry Recording

Content How Precedent Transaction Analysis Works Debit Credit Precedent Transaction Analysis: Definition and How It Works Accounting Transactions c. Cash +1,000 Contributed At the initial board meeting, the board voted to pay a salary of $3,500 per month and to contribute an additional $175 per month toward her health insurance. She also presented preliminary estimates […]

Matching principle What is the matching principle?

Content Examples of the Matching Principle What Is the Difference Between Revenue Recognition & Matching Principle? Challenges with the Matching Principle Revenue Manager Duties Deferred expenses As a result, implying that the company lost two thousand rupees is incorrect, given that the company invested four thousand rupees in the production of all items. If an […]


Content Massachusetts sales tax rates updated monthly General Ledger (G/L) Accounts Tax Withholding Mailing/Shipping Services Pay a Prize or Award Thanks, your message has been sent to Massachusetts Department of Revenue ! One-Time Supplemental Payments Philip S. Olsen is a tax attorney at the Boston law firm of Davis Malm, where he focuses on state […]

Deferred Revenue Understand Deferred Revenues in Accounting

Content Join our newsletter for the latest in SaaS Deferred vs. recognized revenue Invoiced: Automated A/R revenue insights at your fingertips In other words, deferred revenue is revenue that is recognized on the balance sheet before it is earned. Therefore, it will record an adjusting entry dated January 31 that will debit Deferred Revenues for […]

The accounting equation is defined as: A Assets = Liabilities + Stockholders’ Equity. B. Assets = Liabilities Stockholders’ Equity. C. Net Income = Revenues Expenses. D. Liabilities + Revenues = Assets.

Content Application of Bernoulli’s Equation: Pressure and Speed Expanded Accounting Equation – Explained accounting equation Shareholders’ Equity in the Accounting Equation The accounting equation makes sure the balance sheet is balanced, showing that transactions are recorded accurately. Assets are resources a company owns that have an economic value. Assets are represented on the balance sheet […]

Flexible Budgeting and Performance Evaluation Principles of Managerial Accounting

Content What Is a Factory Overhead Cost Variance Report? Incremental Budgeting 101: A Beginner’s Guide When to Use a Flexible or Static Budget Definition of Fixed Budget Practice Video Problem 2: Preparing a flexible budget This budget is an estimate of the number of units that must be produced during the budget period. Impliedly, this […]

Accountant Responsibilities at Startups

Content Financial statements: A startup’s secret weapon How to start your accounts Frequently Asked Questions About Startups and New Ventures Accounting Packages STERLINX GLOBAL STARTUPS ACCOUNTING PACKAGES Tax Services Our team of industry experts understands your business and are uniquely positioned to provide valuable advice for your startup. Should I ask for professional references? Outsourcing […]