Seasonless An evergreen design.

INTRODUCTION “Season-neutral essentials that can be worn year-round — and have a long shelf life will be the mantra in the post-pandemic retail world. Fashion observers also opine that the transition to more pared-down, trend-less pieces will ultimately give way to exuberance and excess — just as wartime fabric rationing paved the way for Dior’s […]

Indian Culture An Art Of Sustainability.

It is not an uncommon sight in INDIAN households to witness an old cloth being used as a duster… Rural communities which constitute 70% of the Indian population live close to nature, believe in repair and reuse and adopt a frugal lifestyle…                            […]

Sustainability a basic discipline of life.

What is sustainability..??? The manner is hard to determine what is right and what all is wrong similarly, it’s not easy to outline what is sustainability in every context but many intellectuals have managed to present words on it. In Alexander Knauf’s words, sustainability represents “an outstanding undertaking for the future whereby economic and social […]